Artist Statement

Text Box:  I am a Korean-born American artist living in New Jersey, United States. I grew up in a family of artist parents. From early age, I learned drawing and painting from my parents.  I remember our house was filled with art students, canvases and painting materials.  Both of my parents, now deceased, were considered to be pioneer painters who introduced western style of painting to Korea.   My father, Yim Yong Ryun, on his graduation in 1929 from Yale University School of Fine Art, won the Winchester Traveling Fellowship to study abroad in Europe. He met my mother, Nam Soon Paik who was also a painter in Paris at that time. They were married in Paris and a few years later they returned to Korea. They taught oil painting in schools in Korea.

I came to United States on a scholarship to attend Mt. St. Scholastica College in Atchison Kansas. After graduation, I worked as a chemist, but continued my study in painting taking courses in art centers and universities. After retirement from my job, I am following my parent's footsteps. My works consist of collage, mixed media, and painting. My paintings are impressionistic style and abstract including recent geometric abstract works. I have exhibited in numerous  solo and group shows in New Jersey / New York and have received many awards (see Bio link)..